5 exotic coworking spaces catering to the location independent worker

The spread of high speed internet around the world is paving the way for people to live and work in places that were once reserved for vacationers and the independently wealthy. It's now possible to have a job with a company in London, Berlin, San Francisco or New York and never set foot in the office. As the ability to work remotely has become ever more common, businesses are popping up around the world to cater to location independent workers who have figured out that a more exotic and affordable life awaits them in a far off tropical paradise. 

Here are five coworking spaces that'll have you grabbing for your airline miles:

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AngkorHUB - Siem Reap, Cambodia

AngkorHUB is situated in the center of Siem Reap, just steps from the aptly-named Pub Street, and a short tuk-tuk ride away from the majestic Angkor Wat. After finishing up that spreadsheet, you can take a long lunch playing Indiana Jones while climbing over ruins in the jungle. Finish up your workday and you can stumble out to drink a literal bucket of whiskey on Pub Street (though trust us, it's not a good idea and the t-shirt you get isn't worth the pain).

Sense of adventure aside, AngkorHUB is still about getting work done. The icy cold A/C should allow you to concentrate, or at least give you time to rehydrate, and the 35 Mbps wifi is more than enough for a video conference. Because Cambodia's infrastructure isn't the world's most reliable, the space has a dedicated backup power generator and, when the inevitable hardline internet connection goes down, the whole system switches over to a 4G connection. There's even a 'Skype Hut' surrounded by banana trees where you can take a quiet call from a hammock. Not bad for $5 a day.

Skyloft - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

As you might expect, SkyLoft is popular with surfers who ride waves, but also need a place to concentrate and take seamless video calls. There's just not too many places in the world that can offer world-class surf, a reliable workspace and an exotic location. At sunset, SkyLofters get together for a meditation class on the beach. Think about that on your bus ride home.

SkyLoft's mission is to let people be productive in an environment that is more fulfilling and healthy than a cubicle in an office tower. While that goal in its own right shouldn't be that hard, SkyLoft goes all out. The space has an open floor plan that offers everyone a view of the ocean. Sun-kissed and relaxed, you'll be able to work while lounging on a beanbag chair or from a standup desk. When you need a break, you can head to the beach on one of SkyLoft's ATV's or do a quick workout in the space's exercise area. 

Coworking Legian - Bali, Indonesia 

Up for working poolside? Of course, you are. Bali is incredibly popular with digital nomads — and for good reason. For around $100 a month you can become a member at Coworking Legian, where members work from a sofa or beanbag by the pool. Of course, towels are included, but be sure not to get any water on your laptop. If you'd prefer to work inside there's icy cold A/C and you'll be provided a 22-inch monitor to plug into. You wouldn't want those eyes strained after all that chlorine now would you?

Coworking Legian also offers coliving, so if you're just stopping through or are just too lazy or unwilling to commit to a lease, you can stay upstairs. We're guessing that after about 2 weeks working poolside you'll forget about getting your own space anyway. 

KoHub - Koh Lanta, Thailand

KoHub is a 40-minute boat ride away from Koh Phi Phi, the island where they filmed the movie 'The Beach'. Located on the Adaman Sea, the tropical paradise of Koh Lanta may not be located on the exact beach idealized by a baby-faced Leonard DiCaprio, but it does offer a whopping 250 Mbp/s internet connection. Because of its location, lunch breaks are spent diving, snorkeling or practicing yoga on sandy beaches. 

You'll be doing your actual work on a large, wooden deck surrounded by tropical fauna and overshadowed by a large statue of Buddha. The space is open 24/7, which is a big bonus given the13 hour time zone difference between Koh Lanta and New York. For some reason, the area is popular with Swedish tourists and expats — make what you will of that, but I hear it equates to topless beaches and weird looking pale guys in too-small speedos. 

Cogite - Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis might not be a tropical paradise, but there's plenty of sun and sand and an incredibly interesting culture. Also, it's just a short flight from mainland Europe, even though when you land you might as well be in a different world. Cogite is an interesting space in that its primary purpose is not as a digital nomad workstation (though digital nomads are totally welcome). Instead, Cogite is a hub for the local and surprisingly robust entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tunisia. As such, it's teaming full of really interesting and driven people. Who knows who you'll meet!

The building itself resembles a stately old embassy, and the manicured lawn and picture-perfect swimming pool complete the illusion. It really does look like the sort of place that James Bond would hang out, only with way more computers. 

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