Two brothers are selling life after death

The concept of our own mortality can be terrifying. So much so, that many of us simply don't let ourselves think about it. But, what if you could be sure that your presence would live on after you die in some meaningful way? 
“The topic of death and the process of grief is often sterilized and avoided in conversation for fear of being too taboo to discuss. We want to change that,” says Bios cofounder and designer Gerard Moliné in a statement. “The Bios Incube is a contemplative sacred design and practice that encourages interaction and dialogue. We believe the end of human life is a remarkable event that has the ability to teach us if we let it.”

Bios makes biodegradable urns that turn a loved one’s ashes into a tree. Simply pour your relative or pet into the urn and the system takes care of all the hard work — except, presumably, the mourning process. Once germination has taken place, you bury the whole thing and wait for your loved one to be reborn as a sapling. 

When Bios Urn launched in 2013 the very concept of using technology to change how we deal with the dead was uncomfortable, to say the least. Since then, however, the concept has become more appealing, and just last month the world’s first garden using the Bios Urn was announced.

Quebec's Cimitiere Catholique Granby announced last month that they were turning a portion of their land into a garden where Bios Urns could be installed. Family members will be able to pick from a variety of flowers, shrubs or trees that grow naturally in the local environment. The whole garden will be built using natural and biodegradable materials and a gazebo will be built so that the living can enjoy the space as well. Traditional gravestones are not permitted, but a name plaque or leather belt is allowed. For you are dust, and to dust you shall return, I suppose.

As anyone who's tried to grow a plant will tell you, it's not as easy as it looks. The company’s newest product, the Bios Incube, aims to use tech to make that process a bit easier. After all, nobody wants to watch grandpa wilt.

The Bios Incube is a smart-planter that includes a vessel where you can incubate your tree, as well as sensors and an irrigation system. The sensor monitors things like moisture levels, soil temperature and light exposure, and then sends all the data to an app. You'll never forget to water grandpa again. 

That system, which was launched under the tagline ‘the world’s first incubator for the afterlife,’ was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought in over €73,000. 

In the end, we’re all going to have to deal with death, both ours and our loved ones’. As scary as the unknown is, it's at least heartening to know that after you're gone you can live on — sort of.

Images via Bios Urn.