What a meal delivery kit looks like in Paris, Tokyo, London, Mumbai and Seoul

The meal delivery kit wars are starting to heat up. Over the last couple of years, startups like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh have helped push the concept of the meal delivery kit into the mainstream. Today's home-chefs can choose from an astonishing array of meal delivery companies willing to sate every culinary desire.  Peach Dish serves up southern favorites, Purple Carrot takes care of vegans and BurgaBox sends heart attacks in a box. In the not too distant future, Amazon is expected to join the fray. 

But, it's not just Americans who want their ingredients pre-measured and delivered to their doors. These days, residents of many major cities across the globe have meal kits delivered to their doors. We thought we'd do some culinary exploration and see what the rest of the world is feasting on:

Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon - Japan

Lawson Fresh delivers a huge and diverse selection of Japanese standards and Western favorites in the form of ready-to-cook meal kits to the greater Tokyo area. No matter what you want, whether it's donuts, chocolate walnut and pumpkin scones or even whatever this is, they probably have a kit for it. Above is a Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Kit which can be whipped together in 10 minutes for a family of three.

For giggles we had Google translate the description:

“It is a luxurious parent and child donkey kit which used chicken egg of "Nagoya Cochin", one of the three mainland chickens representing Japan. Nagoya Kochin chicken has excellent fat glue, elasticity with fighting bite, and juicy umami with tasty deep taste. Egg is a beautiful cherry-colored eggshell, characterized by "thick rich", the egg yolk color is dark and the texture is smooth. It is a superb egg because it is said to be a high-class food. Who used soup stock from bonito flakes from Makurazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture and kelp from Hokkaido Hidaka, finished rich in flavor. Nagoya Kochin Chicken egg, tangle, onion slice, Mitsuba is set, and it is completion of real cooking with 10 minutes & one frying pan.”

We’re guessing that all makes perfect sense in Japanese and Google is to blame.

Cincinnati-style chili - South Korea

MogoEats is South Korea’s first meal delivery kit company. They offer kits for things like Korean bulgogi and Korean pancakes, as well as a surprising amount of U.S.-style comfort food. They have kits for things like Tex Mex tacos, Texas chili and red pepper mac and cheese. Above is their take on the relatively obscure Cincinnati-style chili, which they describe as having been ‘created in the humble state of Ohio.’ 

Pork, Lemongrass & Sesame Meatballs - United Kingdom

People in the United Kingdom have almost as many meal delivery kit options as their American counterparts. There’s the BakedIn Baking Club for people who like to bake, Mindful Chef for California-inspired healthy eating and Farmison for those who want to order the depressing sounding ‘Cook For One Meat Box.’

For everyone else, there’s Gousto, which offers over 20 different recipes every week. Some options are low calorie, some are vegetarian, all are quick and easy to cook and they deliver everywhere in the United Kingdom. Above is their Pork, Lemongrass & Sesame Meatballs.  

Burmese Vegetable Khao Soi with Rice Noodles - India

Residents of Mumbai are accustomed to eating well, and their meal delivery kit companies have had to go above and beyond to keep pace. iChef offers recipe kits curated by chefs trained at New York’s prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Their weekly menu offers 20 different options that range from Molten Lava Cake to Singaporean Noodles to Mexican Jalapeno Salad with Feta Cheese. Each kit lets you pick how many servings you'd like delivered and includes spice level warnings. Above is Burmese Vegetable Khao Soi with Rice Noodles — which certainly got our mouths watering.

Rouget with Crispy Scales and Pepper Basquaise - France

MoiChef takes the meal delivery kit one step further and turns it into a teaching opportunity. Every month MoiChef delivers a box curated by a famous French chef including instructions on how to master their signature cooking technique, turning the home chef into a pro. The above kit was designed to teach the finer points of crisping fish scales when cooking a whole fish. Because no meal would be complete without it, each kit comes with a bottle of wine. Bon appétit. 

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Images via companies featured.