Inside Tokyo Tech: 3 super-swanky Japanese tech offices

You can tell a lot about the personality of a company by their office. A three story fountain in the lobby says something completely different than a front door that opens into a sea of cubicles. Tech companies are notorious for going all out when it comes to designing their offices — and Japanese tech companies are no exception. 

Without further ado, let's take a trip inside the inner sanctum of some of Japan's swankiest tech offices:



Pixiv runs an online community where illustrators can upload and share their artwork and receive feedback on their work — there's even a rating system. The company also operates offices in Shanghai and Singapore, but the pictures below are from their Tokyo headquarters. 

Images via TeamLab

Employees at Pixiv's office share this massive, 820-footlong communal workstation. 

Look at this place! You'd think sharing a desk with the entire office would be chaotic, but it seems to work. 

The company's walls feature printouts of the art that's been uploaded to their site. 

And they have the most colorful group workstations we've ever seen. 


You probably know Mozilla as the company behind Firefox, the open-source internet browser. Mozilla is actually a nonprofit whose mission is significantly broader than just a simple internet browser: "to ensure that the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all." A lofty goal, for sure.

Images via Nosigner

Mozilla's office design is inspired by the idea of open-source code, and in fact, it is the world's first open-source office.

Everything in the office is made from commonly found objects and even the floors are made from old plastic pallets. 

The furniture is made from simple, square cuts of wood that are easily reproducable.

You can download all the designs and drawings for everything in the office for free. 


Google's over-the-top offices are pretty much a cliche at this point and we really didn't want to add them to this list. But then, we saw what Google's Tokyo office looked like and had to give credit where credit is due. In a word, Google's Tokyo office is insane. They look like a Japanese Dr. Seuss got onto the design team and went wild. There are furry walls, giant lego tables and, of course, Android wall paper. 

Images via Klein Dytham Architecture

Yes, Google, we all want to pet your walls. 

The designers took care to mix Google themes into a heavy Japanese aesthetic. 

Who wants to go outside for the food truck experience?  

This may be the coolest pool room in Japan.

You'll either find inspiration or have nightmares after working in this room.

Check out those Lego tables!

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