What they do: Remit is a mobile payments service that allows people to make real time money transfers from debit or credit card to mobile-money from all over the world to registered mobile-money users in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Our online service deals with the problems of convenience, cost and speed. Our transfers are instant to mobile wallets and we use the latest technology to offer a robust money transfer service.

Africans in the Diaspora send up to $60 billion annually to the continent. At an average cost per transaction of 11.89%, Africans are spending more then $7 billion in fees. We think we can do better. So we built Remit, the fastest secure way to send money home directly to a mobile wallet. We currently deliver money to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. We will continue expanding to African markets where mobile money has taken off.


Location: Kampala, Uganda

Type: Finance Company

Address: 3rd Floor, Guardian Building
67A, Spring Road
Bugolobi, Kampala

Anthony Sodd