#TechTourAsia: A journey through Asia's tech scene

After leaving Mongolia, it became clear we wanted to head south and see what the rest of the content was up to. So, we hopped on a series of planes, trains, a couple of mopeds, a few of boats and, eventually, a camel to find out. Our 4,000 mile journey took us into China's booming cities, down through Southeast Asia, up through the Indian subcontinent before ending in the Nepalese Himalayas. Here are some of the tech companies we met along the way.

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An inside look at Chinaccelerator, China's oldest startup accelerator

Launched in 2010, Chinaccelerator is China's oldest accelerator program. Originally opening their doors in Dalian, the program has morphed and grown along with China's dynamic and constantly changing startup landscape. We were lucky enough to visit the accelerator and speak with Oscar Ramos, Partner and Program Director at Chinaccelerator, who give us some insight into what makes the program special. 

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Ofo conquered China, now they're coming to a street near you

Few things are more ubiquitous on the streets of Chinese cities than Ofo's bikes. The brightly colored bikeshares are everywhere — outside metro stations, down dark alleys and literally stacked in giant piles outside of office buildings. If they're not already on your street, they'll be arriving soon.

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Where clean air is rare, Smart Air aims to make it affordable for aLL

Behind China's economic miracle lurks a silent killer, slowly suffocating millions of innocent people. Yup, the air in Beijing is that bad. Every day, some 21.5 million people in this teeming metropolis suck in air that is dangerously polluted. Smart Air's solution is both incredibly low-tech and ingenious. 

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Want to visit Nepal? This VR company will take you

In 2015 a massive earthquake struck Nepal. The shaking triggered avalanches and mudslides. Temples that had stood proudly for thousands of years crumbled and some 9,000 people lost their lives. Out of the chaos, the country's first virtual reality company was born. 

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This is how Calcutta does coworking

There is no WeWork in this teeming metropolis of 14 million. Kolkata is a big, loud and busy city — astonishingly so. In a city where coffee shops are hard to come by, EasyDaftar offers entrepreneurs an oasis in the madness. 

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The tech revolution has come to the roof of the world

Nepal's tech-savvy youth are working through the country's unique difficulties with the sort of elbow-grease tenacity that Silicon Valley long ago replaced with big egos and high salaries. We were lucky enough to meet with some of these eager young founders and hear a bit about what they're building.

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Barefoot coworking: a virtual tour of Thailand's tech hub

Bangkok is an amazing place — and not just for tourists. The city has seen an upswing in startup activity over the last couple of years and Hubba is at the center of most of it. We kicked our shoes off and toured their incredible Ekamai space.